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Hey JV Partner and Friend!

My name is Darren Ross, and I'm back once again for another graphics product launch.

With our "Viral Social Posters" brand, we've capitalized on the ever-popular and constantly growing trend of using social posters (quote images, etc) to generate easy "viral) traffic from really any social network or page.

The next package we're releasing is none other than a set of 100 "Friendship" based quotes / social poster images.

In order to explain this properly, I have to state right off the bat that while this is a graphics package (images package), it's also being marketed as a PLR product or "business in a box" like most of my products are.

The meat of the package comes with 100 social poster images based around time management quotes, and then there's also 100 PSD Photoshop files included so that your customers can edit the images however they see fit.

Beyond just the images, there's several other modules that your customers can utilize to make reselling this package an absolute breeze and a half...

I've included a front end sales page, a full out professionally designed graphics package with product mockups and all, an awesome HD sales video with the voice over, some email swipes, and of course, instructions regarding how to set it all up.

Your customers will receive a non-transferable PLR license to this graphics package, meaning they can resell the product with personal usage rights and keep 100% of the profits. They can ALSO use the images in their own marketing efforts as well.

As with all of my product launches, I've also stacked the sales funnel to optimize each sale and make YOU the most money possible from every single customer you send our way.

The front end offer starts at $4.95 and will be increasing 5 cents every sale until it tops out at $9.95 for the launch period. You'll be receiving 100% commission on the front end and 50% on the back end.

After the launch week, we'll be bumping the price up to $14 and you'll be receiving 50% commission.

Last but not least, I always try to make promoting my product launches super easy and fast to do. That's why I'm including a package of 4-5 bonuses PLUS a bonus page that you can use to help boost your conversions and funnel traffic.

So as you can see, I've got this entire launch and funnel fully stacked so that you can make EASY conversions on both the front end AND the back end.

So... are you ready to join us and have a blast during the week of February 24th?

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The " Viral " Sales Funnel + The Breakdown

$4.95+ at 100%

100 friendship based social poster images with the PSD files and a full set of reseller modules. Customers are permitted to sell these posters ONLY with personal use rights.

This package includes the following:

  • Module 1: 100 Social Poster PNG Files
  • Module 2: 100 Social Poster PSD Files
  • Module 3: 100 Quotes XLS Spreadsheet
  • Module 4: Graphics Package w/ PSDs
  • Module 5: Front End Sales Page
  • Module 6: HD Sales Video w/ Voice Over
  • Module 7: 5 Email Swipes For Promo
  • Module 8: Camtasia Video Project File
  • Module 9: Private Label Rights License
  • Module 10: Setup Guide

$27+ at 50%

The first OTO is a mega bundle of 5 sets of 100 social posters each based on various topics similar to the front end offer's topic (which is interpersonal relationships in this case).

Each "Social Poster Package" includes the same 10 modules as found in the main front end offer.

Here are the 5 topics covered in the OTO:

  • Topic #1: Love and Falling In Love
  • Topic #2: Dating and Going Out
  • Topic #3: Relationships (Romantic, Business, and Personal)
  • Topic #4: Romance (All Aspects)
  • Topic #5: Marriage (Various Aspects)

$37 at 50%

This is a bit different from the front end offer and the OTO in that it doesn't come with any PSD files.

It IS however a SUPER bundle that I've assembled from my insane collection of social posters from previous product launches.

There's something like 1,000 total social posters in this OTO upgrade, and I've even put together a reseller sales page and modules too.

Here's just some of the topics:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief
  • Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  • Anger Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing (Various)
  • Membership Sites
  • Audio Marketing
  • Online Security
  • Account Security
  • Friendships & Relationships
  • Parenting & Busy Moms
  • Video Marketing
  • Anti-Aging Topics
  • Being An Entrepreneur

$37 at 50%

This is something that ties the entire package together, since your customers can easily utilize this upgrade in their marketing efforts to get more traffic.

In this Upsell, customers will be presented with a MASSIVE bundle package of infographics with PSD files included spread across various different niches.

Your customers can take these infographics, modify them, and change them around in any way they want to fit their data.

Additionally, your customers will receive the resell rights license along with a reseller kit (sales page, graphics, etc) so that they can distribute this package however they see it.

Here's some of the topics covered:

  • Motivation
  • Internet Marketing
  • Making Money
  • Generating Wealth
  • Various Online Marketing Topics
  • Build Your Own (Kit)
  • And So Many More!

$17/mth at 30%

This membership program is entirely unique from what other people are really doing.

Instead of forcing member's to download one specific package per month, we've decided to just open up the doors to the entire arsenal of the social posters.

Each month, we plan to add around 300+ social posters to the membership, based around various topics and niches.

The paying members are free to download any 400 social posters that they want.  This would generally be 4 packages, and we set each package to cost 1 credit.  The member's receive 4 credits per month, and they can spend them however they'd like.

Best of all, these credits also accrue month after month so the member's aren't forced to use them up.

Awesome Cash Prizes Up For Grabs!

Promotional Materials For This Launch...

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* Early Bird Is At 11AM EST Until 1PM EST On February 24th, 2017.

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Affiliate Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • Negative SEO or keywords in your advertising campaigns will result in me instantly banning you as an affiliate and never letting you promote another one of my products. This includes terms like "scam", "ripoff", and so on. Do not use them in advertising campaigns related to my PLR products, at all, no exceptions.
  • Free and bulk low quality traffic sources are not permitted. This means no adfly or any other accounts that redirect somehow or another. No negative SEO or advertising campaigns are permitted for this launch.
  • Purchasing through your own affiliate link is not only blatantly obvious, but it's a violation of my terms and conditions. Doing so will result in your commissions being forfeited and your account being permanently banned from promoting any of my products now or in the future.

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